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Media New Testament Bible

Personal Testimony

We frequently receive emails and letters from those who have been blessed by our Media New Testament.  
Here is an email from our friend John Freeman:

I have been disappointed over the past number of months because I have been carrying around copies of The Director without giving them away. A normal prayer of mine before and during travel is that I meet someone to give it to. Well, finally, an answer to prayer last Friday in O’Hare Airport. Met a couple flying off to Central America for a vacation and after a lengthy conversation the wife said: “Are you a Pastor?” I thanked her for her question but that the answer was no but that I was open to talk to her about spiritual things. After a couple of questions I pulled the Words From The Director from my backpack and showed it to her and then gave it to her. She was quite taken back and I was very excited that she was thrilled. I pointed out the people I have met through MFI, explained your mission, and asked her to please make time to read it while they were on vacation. Her husband was listening and watching but not participating. Soon afterwards they had to leave for their gate. They both thanked me for talking with them and both thanked me for the New Testament.  Of course, I have no idea how God will work through this, but I know, as you do, that He will.
Thank you and the Board of MFI for putting this New Testament together. I find it a wonderful tool for spreading the Word.

Our MFI Media New Testament is a great gift for your friends and loved ones!  Order

In the beginning, when the story began, the Director - the God of the Bible - brought everything into being, from the land and the seas, to the animials and the humans. He set the stage and yelled, "Action!" When the humans began to opt for their own story, he immediately began a plan to retrieve it, putting it back on track.

That is what this book is about. Along with The New Testament, you will read testimonies of those in the entertainment business who have given their lives to God, the Director. And as you'll read in their stories, they sometimes fail, they know that to find our place in the story, we must read - and meditate on - and live out His script, The Bible.

"We have the privilege of playing a role in God's larger story and when we keep our eyes focused on that, we will learn to become servants in His kingdom, promoting His message of love and peace through our lives."

Bob Yerkes, Award winning Professional Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator

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