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Welcome to Media Fellowship International

For over twenty-five years, Media Fellowship International® has been impacting the media and the message from the inside out.

MFI is a Christian ministry that works with people in the media and arts community in a confidential and non-judgmental manner.
It is a safe support group where people can receive encouragement and Godly counsel and have fellowship with other Christians in the industry.

An important arm of MFI has always been our MST (Media Support Team) that travels to natural disasters and events to support the media.


April 2nd   UPDATE: MFI Media Support Team at the OSO Mudslide – Notes from Pastor Bob

Today, I had the honor of accompanying a selected group of reporters to the Oso mudslide site.  
I will be sharing another update tomorrow with pictures from today.

MFI's MST has been on location at the Media Room in Arlington since last week, providing encouragement,
hospitality, coffee and snacks.  READ MORE

Slide area.  Mud and dirt at the base of the mountain is about 70 feet deep. At the front where items were pushed, it is 20 to 30 feet deep.

You can see the logs that laid down so that they could get machinery over the deep mud. They used to call that a 'courderoy road.'

You can see the logs that laid down so that they could get machinery over the deep mud. They used to call that a 'courderoy road.'


They are carefully scraping layers of dirst away
to the original ground level.

Where we've been able to provide hospitality for the Media covering the Landslide disaster.

 Love from the people of Oso,
and Arlington.



 You can get an idea of the size of the slide area by looking at the tractor and backhoe and the
man just right of center.

The Media has been very appreciative of having a place to put up their feet, have a hot cup of coffee, some food and a listening ear from one of our MST (Media Support Team) members.

 Messages of love from the children of
Oso, Darrington
and Arlington.



Dear MFI Friends,

We need your immediate prayers and your help.

An important arm of Media Fellowship has always been our Media Support Team (MST).  One week ago, our own community suffered incredible tragedy as a landslide took out the town of Oso, Washington , including major arterial US highway 530.  The towns of Darrington and Arlington are also greatly affected.  While those living in the Stillaguamish River Valley are known to be resilient and self sufficient, the sheer size of the disaster is hard to grasp. 
In this brief interview with CBS Evening News, Pastor Bob explains the gravity of the tragedy.   

Who is there to help the media?
There are about 30 chaplains there to help the families of victims and first responders and there has been an outpouring of food, clothing and donations. HOWEVER, there has been no support for the media.

The media are often seen as fixtures, as non-entities, even though behind the lens of their camera, the tears flow. One often forgets how terribly hard it is for those covering this event. This is the need our MFI MST has met in past years. We've been there in past years to support the Media covering such tragic events as the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Katrina, and 9/11 in New York City and Washington DC.

Click here to READ MORE and see how you can help.    More updates to come.


Our MFI Media New Testament is a great Easter gift for your friends and loved ones!  Order

Along with The New Testament, you will read testimonies of those in the entertainment business who have given their lives to God, the Director. And as you'll read in their stories, they sometimes fail, they know that to find our place in the story, we must read - and meditate on - and live out His script, The Bible.

"We have the privilege of playing a role in God's larger story and when we keep our eyes focused on that, we will learn to become servants in His kingdom, promoting His message of love and peace through our lives."

Bob Yerkes, Award winning Professional Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator


Celebrating our 15th Annual MFI Praise Brunch!

"Shining His Light in the Industry"

On October 19th, two-hundred people sat around tables of 10 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, enjoying 
a lovely brunch and Christian fellowship in what has become an annual tradition for many in Hollywood.

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.
accept MFI'sAmbassador Award.
Photo credit: Ron Zielinski

The MFI Ambassador Award is
based on
II Corinthians 5:20

"We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us." 

Years ago, Marilyn and Billy considered discontinuing their performing because they felt that perhaps as new believers they should step out of their secular entertainment roles. They have continued to do what they do best, and they include in their programs a hymn and their testimony. They have reached thousands for Jesus Christ.

 Click here for the full article.

Keynote speaker Brian Bird shares his his "Ten Commandments for "How to be a Christian in Media."
Photo credit: Ron Zielinksi

“I'm not just talking about the audience, the great unreached masses. I'm talking about the people we have to work alongside to get the message out. The people in Hollywood whose lifestyles and values may offend us, but whom God has not given up on,” he said.

“Because Hollywood is a town of great insecurity and betrayal, loyal friends rarely exist. I've learned that the people I work with don't care how much I know until they know how I much I care.

Click here for the full article

Chaplain Susan Stafford, Ph.D.
accepts MFI's Andrew Award.
Photo credit: Ron Zielinski

The MFI Andrew Award is based on John 1:42a
“And he brought him to Jesus.”

The MFI Andrew Award is given to someone who, like Andrew, brought his brother Peter to meet Jesus. Someone who has faithfully done this over many years.

Susan is one of the MFI Chaplains and exemplifies this in her daily life. She has blessed many and brought them to Jesus.  

 Click here for the full article

We began our morning with a Color Guard presentation by The American Legion, followed by The Star Spangled Banner, sung by Soloist Larry Wayne Morbitt.  During a leisurely brunch, Guitarist T.J. Stafford played inspirational music, at one point inviting everyone in the room to join him in singing How Great Thou Art.  Testimony was given by artist Poto Leifi as he shared his Posters of Fallen Soldiers.

After a warm welcome, Pastor Bob Rieth invited Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. to the stage to receive MFI's Ambassador's Award. Next was the presentation of MFI's Andrew Award to Chaplain Susan Stafford, Ph.D. for her many years of ministry.  Larry Wayne Morbitt then sang the song he is well known for, The Music of the Night from his many years of performing with The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

Our Keynote Speaker, Producer and Writer, Brian Bird, shared his Ten Commandments for How to be a Christian in Media and the audience responded with a standing ovation. A very special thanks to our event committee, event sponsors and table hosts.  
MFI, incorporated by the state of California in 1987, is recognized as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.
As such contributions are fully tax deductible. MFI is funded by private contributions from individuals
who believe in this vital ministry of reaching ‘to the media, through the media.'   DONATE


    MFI: PO Box 82685 Kenmore, WA 98028 Email: Phone: 425.488.3965 Fax: 425.388.8531